french onion burgers;

Typical burgers with a french onion soup twist!  French onion mix added to the burger, and topped with a heap of caramelized onions and melty gooey mozzarella cheese, all on a toasty potato bun!

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These burgers are a definite must make again!  Considering there are only a few more steps than making a plain burger, they were amazingly delicious!  Now I use this pre-boxed lipton french onion soup mix (affiliate link), so it’s not entire “from scratch”.  But it definitely saves some work, although if you’re a “from scratch” fan, I guarantee you can find a copycat recipe on pinterest!

Ground beef with french onion soup seasoning for French Onion Burgers @

I didn’t quite use one whole packet, but in the future I will, so I’ve adjusted the recipe accordingly.  In addition to soup mix in the burger, I actually sprinkle some on the onions themselves too!  It might seem strange, but it saves you having to season the onions, and helps give them a great caramelized onion color.  Make sure you do lots of onions!  It’s a french ONION burger after all!

Caramelizing onion for French Onion Burgers @

The base burger recipe (excluding the french onion soup mix) is my mom’s staple.  We always called my mom’s burgers “momburgers” because they were huge and juicy and delicious!  Somehow when I make them for myself it’s never the same as a momburger.

Grilling up burgers for French Onion Burgers @

Remember, you can never have too much cheese!  You really want a good portion on each top bun so you can get that ooey gooey cheesy goodness with every bite!  I only put it on the tops of the buns, although I think you could double side it if you’re feeling extra cheesy!

Melting mozzarella cheese on buns for French Onion Burgers @

French Onion Burger @

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