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So I’m feeling under the weather right now, and after a crazy New Year’s Eve, I’m ready for some easy-peasy slow cooker recipes.  So I turned to this slowcooker french dip sandwich recipe from the magical slow cooker!  I adapted ever so slightly, using what I had on hand–lipton french onion soup mix.

french dip sandwich @

Now you’ll notice that even while I mention salt and pepper in the ingredient list, I don’t actually mention in the instructions to use salt.  This is just a personal preference.  I like how easy the french onion soup mix makes this recipe, but I do think it’s got more sodium than necessary already, and I feel no need to add more salt to the recipe.  So feel free to add salt when you’re seasoning your roast if you want to.

French Dip Sandwich @

I also think that next time, I need to leave the fat cap on.  On some recipe I was looking at, it said to trim excess fat, and where I can, I prefer to do so for healthy benefits.  But in this case I found a lot of the meat to be on the tough side.  The part that was in the liquid was tender fall-apart, but the rest of it was just okay.  Definitely edible, and not bad especially sopped in au jus, but not quite as tender as I was hoping.  So next time I’ll try leaving the fat cap on and see how it goes!

French Dip Sandwich @

All that said, this was still, in T’s words, “effing delicious”.  He got I think the freshest bread at the grocery store.  The crust was crackly but the inside was so buttery soft….yummm.  And that was even a day after he bought it.  He said when he picked it up it was still warm!  Perfect for sopping up them juices.

French Dip Sandwich @

I also think you should use whatever cheese floats your boat.  I love a good Swiss, personally, because I feel like provolone has no flavor.  I know it’s mild blah, blah, but I’d rather Swiss any day.  If you love cheese as much as I do, you eat a lot of it.  And if I’m going to eat a lot of it, it might as well taste good!  I didn’t even need to stick these in the broiler, just pressed the top bread on top, and the cheese melted from the heat of the meat right out of the crock pot.


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