five layer dip;

Refried beans smothered in salsa, guacamole, sour cream and topped with a layer of melted Cheddar cheese for the ultimate party dip!

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This is my take on a “seven layer dip”. Five layers gives me plenty of delicious goodness, and fits perfectly into a pie plate!  Of course it’s completely customizable, so feel free to swap layers or add back some of the others if they appeal to you!

Layering salsa over refried beans for Five Layer Dip @

Here are my 5 layers:

  1. Refried beans (I get mine canned at Trader Joe’s)
  2. Salsa
  3. Guacamole (get the recipe, or you can always go with pre-made)
  4. Sour cream & greek yogurt
  5. Cheddar Cheese

Layering guacamole over refried beans for Five Layer Dip @

Of course other layers are welcome!  Try lettuce, olives, pico de gallo, ground beef, scallions, and jalapenos, to name a few!  Now I picked my personal faves, and also the ones I find the easiest to throw together.  I always stock some canned refried beans because they’re tasty, had some ripe avocados left over, and used a mix of sour cream and greek yogurt for a “healthier” take.  Also so I didn’t have to get more sour cream, hah.  Plus I always have cheese lying around, so this was a great game day dip!

Layering sour cream over refried beans for Five Layer Dip @

I do always wonder if you should bake the thing, and I think you could, but I’m not a huge fan of warm guacamole.  So I simply microwaved the refried beans before spreading them out as the first layer, and built the rest of it, and just popped the dish in the oven to broil up the cheese and get it all bubbly and melty.  But to each their own!  If you want to bake it, I’d suggest 15-20 minutes at 400⁰.

Five Layer Dip @

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