firecracker cookie bars;

Red, white, and blue with a snap, crackle, and pop! A sugar cookie bar topped with red white and blue and sprinkled with pop rocks for fireworks in your mouth!

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These bars have actually been several iterations in the making! I came up with the idea of pop rocks mimicking fireworks a year or two ago, but all my previous iterations failed. They tasted ok, but when I tried to make cookies and baked the pop rocks in, they just melted so you didn’t get that snap-crackle-pop I was trying so hard to make!

Icing freshly baked firecracker cookie bars @

Pop rocks definitely melt in heat, and usually summer room temperature is enough to get them a-poppin. So you’ll really want to wait until the last second to sprinkle them on right before serving. In order to get my pictures, I topped the bars pictured here before I took them into work and let them sit overnight and the rocks melted into the icing by the next morning. Lucky I had an extra packet or two handy, so I just brought extras into work with the bars. And be prepared for the sound too! I iced my bars with room temperature icing and they started popping as soon as they hit the icing.

Adding poprocks to Firecracker Cookie Bars @

One of the things I love about these bars is that the cookie bar itself is not overly sweet. So for me, the sweetness of the icing is complementary instead of sickeningly sweet. The best comparison I have is like a slightly sweet shortbread, but fluffier and more crumbly. So try them out and let me know what you think! Honestly you could adapt these for any holiday–I’ve been using the red and blue pop rocks but green would be fun for st. Patty’s day or with orange icing for Halloween! Too bad I haven’t been able to find pumpkin spice chips the past year or so, because that could be fun!


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