Why ‘tipsychocochip’?
Even though I don’t limit myself to chocolate recipes, they’re some of my favorite!  (Check out this chocolate tart!)  We used to joke that you weren’t one of our family if you didn’t love chocolate.  When I moved to Northern Virginia after college, a friend introduced me to the growing winery and brewery scene, which was a complete surprise!  I wanted to document all the fun restaurants, wineries, and breweries so that I could find the places I wanted to go back to.  Combining the two seemed only natural!


What are the letters like ‘J’ or ‘T’ in your posts?
They represent people’s names.  I want to strike a balance of talking freely about my life while also protecting my friends’ and family’s privacy through a small token of anonymity.


Are there any ingredients not listed in the ‘Ingredients;’ section of a recipe card?
I try to include all ingredients, but sometimes if space does not allow it, I will leave off: oil, salt, and pepper, since I feel these ingredients are common to most kitchens.


When you list ‘butter’, ‘oil’, ‘milk’, ‘sugar’, and ‘soy sauce’ as ingredients, what type are those?
is unsalted unless otherwise specified.
If a type of oil is not specified, it means that any kind of oil will do.  My go-to is typically olive oil.
Milk is skim milk unless otherwise specified.
Sugar is granulated white sugar unless otherwise specified.
Soy Sauce is low sodium soy sauce unless otherwise specified.


Can I download your recipe cards?
Unfortunately, at this time, there is no direct way to download the recipe cards.  However I’m happy to announce that recently I’ve begun to add a “Print this Recipe” option!  If I haven’t gotten around to adding it on an old post, please feel free to contact me and I may be able to prioritize a certain recipe!


Help!  I followed your recipe and it didn’t turn out as expected!
The first thing to check is the instructions.  If something was altered from the recipe, I can’t guarantee the results.  Keep in mind that things like humidity, oven temperature, etc. can locally affect your environment and your final product too!  If you have a question or concern, please reach out via a comment or contact me directly, and I’m more than happy to try to help as best I can to solve your individual problem!


What do the numbers (e.g. ‘004’) in the top left corner of your recipe cards mean?
They’re simply ‘entry numbers’ to keep with the dictionary-style recipe cards.  Their only use is to help me count the total recipes I have in each category.


Where do your pronunciations on the recipe card come from?
I make up the “phonetic” pronunciations.  I try to keep them consistent (think about how many kook-eez recipes I have!), but it wouldn’t surprise me if they were more varied than similar.


I noticed a typo or error in your post or recipe card.
I’m only human, so if you see an error let me know!  I try my hardest to be well-written, but mistakes happen.  Please reach out via comments or contact me.


How do I contact you?
E-mail: contact tipsychocochip
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tipsychocochip/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tipsychocochip/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/tipsychocochip/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tipsychocochip/

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