culinary adventure: st. louis (pt 2);

My last St. Louis post was just from the first day!  So I needed a part 2 to record the rest of our fun travels!  Of course, we had to go see the Gateway Arch, which was pretty impressive, I’ve got to say.  We saw the free movie about the engineering that went into this structure, and it makes you really appreciate engineering!  630ft tall, and made entirely of curved steel.  More than that, they had to build the arch piecemeal, and it had to stand alone without being completed until they could add in the keystone piece.  Pretty amazing when you stop to think about it.

Me and my sister at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis @

Me and my sister at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis

My sister got Poutin for lunch one day.  Have you ever had poutine?  It’s pretty amazing.  French fries drenched in gravy and topped with melty cheese curds.  It might sound strange, but I promise that it’s worth a try!  Even if it’s a Canadian dish, it took St. Louis for my parents to try it.  Still, I think I had only tried it maybe 6 months before.


Poutine at Schlafly Tap House in St. Louis @

Poutine at Schlafly Tap House

We split the poutine and the wedge salad below, which was also pretty delicious.  Also a small cup of beer cheese soup.  It was a tap house after all, so needed to have lunch beer to go with the beer I was drinking!

Wedge salad at Schlafly Tap Room @

Wedge salad with blue cheese, eggs, and ranch dressing at Schlafly Tap Room

Of course we had to try some more BBQ.  Those St. Louis ribs are good to go around!  If you read part 1, you’ll know that we went to Pappy’s, and then a few days later we went to Bogart’s Smoke House!  Everything was deeelicious of course.  But by comparison, my opinion was that Bogart’s ribs were better, and Pappy’s burnt ends were better.  They both had a couple of sides I liked and a couple that weren’t my favorite.  But I don’t know that I could definitely say one was better than the other.  Verdict?  Eat as much BBQ as possible.  Obviously.


St. Louis Ribs Bogart's Smoke House @

St. Louis Ribs Bogart’s Smoke House

Of course we had to grab ice cream on one of the hot days, so we headed over to The Fountain on Locust.  It’s a restaurant and sit down joint, which was a bit of a surprise for us, but they have a pretty extensive ice cream menu.    We did happen to sit down right after a huge group of kids which was a little frustrating since it took a while to get our orders, although it wasn’t really the restaurant’s fault.

We stopped at The Fountain on Locust for ice cream @

We stopped at The Fountain on Locust for ice cream

I went with the Brownie Cake Sundae, pictured above, though I swapped out the typical vanilla with strawberry ice cream.  It was delicious!  The ice creams were extremely flavorful.  The vanilla was extremely vanilla bean-y.  It was delicious, but I’m kind of glad I swapped it out for the strawberry.  If I went back, I think I’d even get their mint ice cream–my dad got that and it too was delicious!

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