crustless vegetable quiche;

A savory, healthful crustless quiche, packed with veggies and eggs, and sacrificing none of the flavor!

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It’s time.  We’ve set a date for our wedding, and while October 2018 is over a year away, I really need to do better about my eating habits.  I was doing pretty good there for a while with recipes like vegetarian samosa burritos (tcc recipe), and rainbow vegetable pad thai (tcc recipe), but I’ve been pretty lax the past few months with the stress and business of buying a house and traveling up to NJ to look at wedding venues in addition to normal life.

Chopping vegetables for Crustless Veggie Quiche @

So this was an attempt to get back on track!  I was a little skeptical, I must say.  Crustless quiche?  Not much cheese?  What’s the point?  But I was pleasantly surprised by the result.  The feta cheese sprinkled on toward the end of baking makes you feel like you’ve stumbled across little gems, and the herbs really do still give you a mouthful of flavor.

Sauteeing vegetables for Crustless Veggie Quiche @

And the best part?  It’s easy to make a whole pie, cut into slices for easy portioning, and even freeze for later.  So you always have a backup plan even when you’re running late, or need a quick lunchtime meal.  So thanks to Lisa over at Wine and Glue for this tasty vegetarian recipe!

Adding eggs to quiche for Crustless Veggie Quiche @

Is it quite as satisfying as that full-crust, full-cream, full-cheese, triple bacon quiche?  No, but it comes with a lot less guilt in a convenient and tasty slice!

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