crab mac ‘n cheese; roasted caesar broccoli;

If you’ve clicked this link you’ve got good taste.  I’m just putting that up front!  And this recipe was born from a grocery store sale!  I love those.  Browsing ads for some great deals helps me narrow focus for what I want to make.  If chicken’s on sale–chicken for dinner; if salmon is on sale–salmon for dinner!  And in this case…crab was on sale, and I’m craving some comfort food.

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T and I are trying to be healthier now that the holidays are (mostly) over.  We do still have New Year’s to go, but this recipe is actually fairly simple!  So armed with crab, cheese, and pasta, here’s this tasty meal!  Okay, so maybe this isn’t the healthiest recipe, but it is tasty, we’ve been going to the gym since we’ve gotten back (hey, you don’t know it’s only been two days), and portion control is key anyway.  Throw in a sale on crab, and there was no way I could not make this.  This recipe is adapted from Aimee’s Crab Mac And Cheese.

Crab Mac N Cheese

We served these with Caesar broccoli, which was a wonderful complement, and another super easy one to pull out of your fridge.  Just mix broccoli with lite Caesar dressing, and roast at 400 degrees for approx 15-20 minutes (or until desired done-ness)!

Roasted Caesar Broccoli


Look forward to some new recipes I’ll be trying out for our New Year’s Eve party!  A taste of what’s to come: avocado ranch dip for veggies, matcha shortbread cookies…yum!  I always have to stop and remember to offer up translations for things that I take for granted–matcha is green tea!


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