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I just love the idea of a cheesecake base that’s adaptable to so many different flavors!  Here’s the third in my four part series, because who doesn’t love cookies and creme???  It really could be called oreo cheesecake as well, but cookies and creme now reminds me of one of my all-time popular recipes: cookies and creme cookies!  So of course we need it in cheesecake form!

Preparing crusts for mini cheesecakes @

I think, if you had to ask me, my two favorites out of the four were this one and the dulche de leche one.  (Shhhh, don’t tell the others.)  That said, Tyler’s by far was the strawberry swirl, and I’ll bet that when we get more into the winter seasons, I’ll just be craving the peppermint one.  Aka, you can’t really go wrong with any of these!

Mixing batter for Cookies and Creme Mini Cheesecake @

While the dulche de leche one came out perfectly with zero cracks, the peppermint one cracked the most, and this, the cookies and creme cheesecake, also had a few cracks.  The best part about these cheesecakes is that I figured out a perfect way to combat this issue!  First off, let me say that while cracking is a little frustrating, all the flavors are 100% still there!  So if you don’t mind a less-than-picture-perfect cheesecake that’s amazingly delicious, then dive right in!

But if you’re like me, it bums you out.  So ‘ping’–brilliant idea!  Take the leftover cool whip I had from my cake puff cookies, and top it off!  For a cookies and creme cheesecake, it adds a bit of the cream, and completely eliminates any issues of cracking!  Voila.  I’m a little proud of myself for this one.

Topping Cookies and Creme Mini Cheesecake @

I definitely recommend mini oreos for adornment on these.  It just makes them so cute and gives that extra punch of gourmet.  Because I only made one cheesecake (with the other 3/4 dedicated to other flavors), I went with one of those snack pack cups of mini oreos rather than buying a whole bag of mini oreos.  Sure technically it’s more expensive per mini oreo, but it’s still spending less money and less temptation to eat the whole bag once I’ve taken out my 10 mini oreos for topping.  I do use regular sized-oreos for the cheesecake simply because I typically always have a family-sized package lying around in wait for use with recipes.

Check out the other three in this mini cheesecake series: Dulche de Leche Mini Cheesecake, Strawberry Swirl Mini Cheesecake, and Peppermint Mini Cheesecake!

Cookies and Creme Mini Cheesecake @


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