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A healthy Greek-yogurt based treat for when you’re craving sweetness without all the sugars and calories!

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We’ve been trying to eat healthier these days. That means more vegetables, less processed food, and more meal planning! And I like to think we’ve been doing a good job, especially trying to balance the craze of work, commuting, class, and daily life. It’s slow going, and I’m not perfect, but I’ve found that doing meal planning makes me much more likely to grab healthy things when I know what good choices are available for me to eat.

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But there are those days that you crave something sweet right? You need some chocolate in your life, or else it’s not worth living! Maybe that’s a little extreme, but if you couldn’t tell from the blog title, chocolate is pretty important! So this is the perfect snack when you’re craving sweetness but don’t want to completely undo the day’s progress on eating healthy, but still get your sweet fix.

I will fully admit that while this recipe is reminiscent of cookie dough and that craving you get, it is not the same as breaking into freshly made cookie dough. There’s a reason that buttery sugary deliciousness is so delicious. But I really like the vanilla mixed with a tiny bit of almond extract to give it a really nice light cookie flavor. I sometimes leave out the peanut butter, but always put in the chocolate!

Adding cocoa nibs to cookie dough protein yogurt @

If you can tolerate the bitterness and want to be as healthy as possible, you can try cocoa nibs in lieu of the chocolate chips, but even as a chocolate lover, I find the cocoa nibs too bitter on their own. So I mix half chips and half nibs into my single serve cup. That way the sugar in the chocolate chips cuts some of the bitterness in each bite but the chocolate flavor is even more pervasive with less guilt! My favorites come from Trader Joe’s: roasted chocolate nibs and semisweet chocolate chunks.

If you want an extra kick of protein, look for a protein powder to add to the mix! There’s all sorts of flavors, including peanut butter if you want to swap out the peanut butter powder (I use PB), or even a dash of vanilla or chocolate protein powder can’t go wrong in this mix!

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