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Does the name of this one ring any bells?  I’ll give you a hint: buckeye pretzel bites!  Only this time I swapped out the “buckeye” for some eggless cookie dough!  Now you can really start a party.  Both the peanut butter and cookie dough versions of these would look wonderful on a plate, with one dipped in milk chocolate and one dipped in dark chocolate.  Maybe toss a few sprinkles on too to differentiate the two.  You could always go the white chocolate route as well, although I’m not a fan of it nearly as much.  They would be a festive holiday treat on a platter with some sprinkles to spruce them up!

Mixing cookie dough for Cookie Dough Pretzel Bites @

Don’t worry about the cookie dough, it’s eggless.  I just want to make sure that’s clear in case anyone has missed it!  Besides, that means you get to indulge in “quality testing” the dough with no guilt!  Somehow I always manage to tune out the guilt normally, heh.  It’s completely threat free!  Just butter and sugar and chocolate chips and all things delicious!

Sandwiching Cookie Dough Pretzel Bites @

I love the way these look because they’re so cute, and bite-sized!  Everything is better bite-sized.  You can skip the chocolate dip if you prefer, however if that’s the case I suggest freezing or at least refrigerating the sandwiches before serving so that they’re not a squishy mess of cookie dough.  Though doubtless they’ll still be tasty.  The chocolate dipping really helps hold them together, and how can you ever have too much chocolate?  My blog is named “tipsyCHOCOCHIP” after all!

Dipping Chocolate for Cookie Dough Pretzel Bites @

I prefer to use the “snaps” pretzels because I think it makes them neat and tidy, but the original post by Amber over at Dessert Now, Dinner Later, uses regular small pretzels and of course you can use any shape you want.  Just ensure that you’re using plain pretzels–I can’t imagine how awful a flavored pretzel would be to bite into alongside cookie dough.  These I didn’t even bring to work to “get rid of”–nope, T did all the hard work for me!  I tried to stay away, since I gotta fit into that bridesmaid dress in September, but I still snuck one almost every night.  Heheheh.  So worth it.  Life’s no fun if you take the food out of it!

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Cookie Dough Pretzel Bites @

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