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Yup.  I said it.  Cookie dough.  Icing.  Brownies.  When I saw this recipe on Lenee’s Sweetest Delights almost 2 years ago, I just knew I had to make these.  They should come with a warning: Sugar coma may be induced!  Consume at your own risk. But a very yummy warning!

Mixing icing for Cookie Dough Icing Brownies @

It’s become a regular in the rotation, namely my coworker Steven always requests it for his birthday, and so I allow myself (and my coworkers) to indulge!  Though even with the potential of a sugar coma on these brownies alone, another coworker Keegan also has a birthday the same week, and so I ended up making cookies and creme cookies for his birthday and brought these both in on the same day!  Check out that cookies and creme cookies recipe, it’s to die for.  Both of these are top notch, and some of my favorites to impress!  (You can see some of the cookies in the background of one of the pictures below.)

Adding chips to cookie dough icing for Cookie Dough Icing Brownies @

As if that wasn’t enough, a third coworker, Brian, independent of birthdays, happened to bring in duck donuts.  On. the. same. day.  It was a delicious day, let me tell you!  We nicknamed it “Diabetes Day”.

Spreading icing out on Cookie Dough Icing Brownies @

One of the best things about this recipe is the boxed brownie mix.  Maybe that’s sacrilegious to those food snobs, but as I try to prove to all of you, I’m not above quick and easy and tasty!  Growing up, my mom always made boxed brownies, and there’s something beautiful about the chewy, easy, batter-licking making of boxed brownies.  Just make sure you add the brownies to the fridge after baking because I’ve found that it helps to make them chewy and dense, which is the way I like them!  You can always make these in a 9″ x 9″ pan if you like thicker brownies, but in this case, I actually think the massively sugary icing lends itself to thinner brownies.

Adding M&Ms to the icing for Cookie Dough Icing Brownies @

And always, always, top with more chocolate!  Add those mini M&Ms, and voila, you’ve got a recipe that’s deserving of the tipsychocochip name!

Cookie Dough Icing Brownies @



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