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So my tastes have really changed in the past three years since I graduated college. (Probably even in college, but I ate mostly quesadillas, bacon bits, and Mac and cheese, so it’s not like I’d have known.)  I like mushrooms now. Not really by themselves, but in risotto or in a steak sauce or in SMOG pie, but then again I was sauteeing up some mushrooms the other day and actually enjoyed picking out mushrooms and eating them. So apparently I’m a liar too.

Pre-baked and Baked Coconut Shrimp

But coconut was one of those things I would never touch previously. The texture was funny and gummy-firm and everyone and thing I knew that was coconut flavored or coconut smelling was overwhelming and gross to me. But I’ve been way more tolerant of it recently and have come to enjoy it in some things!

Easy Coconut Shrimp @

I extra appreciate this recipe by The Girl Who Ate Everything, because I was too lazy to make the sauce (and T loves ketchup anyway)–and that means FOUR INGREDIENTS. To a super tasty and impressive looking meal.  What more could you ask for?

Easy Coconut Shrimp @


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