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Granola is one of those things that I thought for the longest time I didn’t like.  And then I tried this recipe!  It’s a little like crack.  When I first made this recipe, I think I made it every week because I went through it so fast–I ate it for breakfast every day.  It’s the perfect balance of sweetness and just a touch of salt.

Chopping Almonds for Coconut Oil Almond Granola @

It goes with just about everything since it’s really just oats and almonds with a little extra almond enhancer (almond extract).  My favorite is actually just plain vanilla yogurt.  I keep a jar at my desk at work for throwing in my yogurt for breakfast, or as an afternoon snack when I get hungry.

Mixing up Coconut Oil Almond Granola @

You’ll probably see my plug for this little 1.5 c Food Chopper in more than one post, but I find it a perfect tool for this recipe because it saves you a lot of chopping almonds, and is the perfect size.  One day, when I have a house and unlimited counter space, I will get a full-sized food processor.  But in the meantime this little chopper plugs away.  The original recipe by Julie at Lovely Little Kitchen suggests chopping half the almonds by hand, but I find that if you just pulse the processor and you can simulate that without half the effort!

Coconut Oil Almond Granola @

Plus this recipe makes your house smell heavenly.  Heating up the coconut oil with the almond extract and honey…it smells so good.  And then toss it with the other ingredients and bake it and the smell permeates your whole house!  And I never can resist tasting a bit when it comes out of the oven, though it’s not quite caramelized and is chewy rather than hard, I actually enjoy it.  Try it out and let me know how it tastes!


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