cinna-bun truffles;

A creamy and crunchy cinnamon center with the taste of cream cheese frosting, coated in a layer of white chocolate for extra decadence!

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This time on holiday truffle making…cinna-bun truffles!  These are so addictive, and they’re not even complicated! Well for truffles they’re not complicated. You’ll still need to put in some time, though a lot of it is just waiting for things to set. Good thing Tyler’s been on business trips and I’ve got my good friend Hamilton (the musical) to keep me company in the kitchen! A lot of the time comes from prep work and waiting, but these are a hit for any party or gift!

Crushing cinnamon bun oreos for Cinna-bun Truffles @

The key comes to making sure the cream cheese is at room temperature, and of course the other laborious part is the actual coating of truffles. But the centers? Surprise! These cinna-bun truffles actually use Cinnamon Bun Oreos!  And since you’re mixing with cream cheese it’s just as if they have some cream cheese icing on top.  Long story short, you mix together crushed Cinnamon Bun Oreos and cream cheese, and add a bit of flour to the mix since the flavored packages actually are lacking a few ounces on the originals. Roll into balls and pop into the fridge.

Mixing oreo centers for Cinna-bun Truffles @

Make sure to save a cookie for topping truffles with crumbles!!! My suggestion is to scrape off the cream so as to make crumbling it easier. If you forget, you can always go out and buy another package because if you’re caught pinching one here or there they seem to dwindle quick. And you can always use extras in these mini cinnamon cheesecakes! Assuming you haven’t eaten them all yourself yet.

Dipping oreo centers into white chocolate for Cinna-bun Truffles @

Let me know what you think of these!  I always love to hear good ideas for interesting truffles, and you can see the whole slew of truffles I made last year: candy shop truffles.  I always make the favorites, but I like to experiment with new flavors too!

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