countdown to new year’s: chocolate tart;

So for this tart, because it was New Year’s Eve, I cracked out the cute confetti sprinkles!  I think it ended up pretty cute.  One of the best things about this recipe is that you can top it with anything.  The original recipe, adapted from Ella’s Home Cooking Adventure No-bake Strawberry Chocolate Tart recipe, uses strawberries and chopped nuts. I’ve used caramel pieces as topping before, but you could use sprinkles, or any kind of fruit, candied orange peels, chocolate, maraschino cherries, cookie crumbles, crushed nuts…all sorts of goodness.  I used raspberries on this one because I wanted something a little different from the mimosa bar as well as confetti sprinkles for a little New Year’s festivity.

Chocolate Tart @
You can see the full menu in my first New Year’s Countdown post, but for desserts we had matcha green tea shortbread cookies and jell-o cookies in addition to this chocolate tart.  But being “tipsychocochip” and all, we of course needed a chocolate dessert. And this one is easy, and best of all no-bake!  Just some chocolate, cream, Oreos, and butter. And then whatever you want as a topping, but the base ingredients literally consist of 4 ingredients, and comes out all fancy.

Chocolate Tart @
I might need to invest in a springform pan at some point to make a nice tart, but this recipe is nice because you can make one large tart, or scale up or down easily. I’ve also made individual ones before in wide-mouthed mason jars which are cute for little kids, or just to have personal-sized chocolate desserts (and not have to share). And because this recipe really is so sweet and overloaded with chocolate, it’s sometimes nice to have smaller portions.

Chocolate Tart @

So take this recipe and run with it!  If I leave you with anything it’s: (1) Chocolate makes for an impressive-looking and delicious dessert, and (2) try different toppings!


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