chicken piccata;

Thin cutlets of chicken breast, lightly seasoned and pan seared, topped with a lemon-stock sauce and capers.  Perfect served over butter noodles, or another starch of your choice!

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Here’s another of my “tried and true”, keep going back to recipes!  I believe this is also another one of the first dishes I ever made that made me realize cooking didn’t have to be so hard!  I believe this is another Giada recipe, although to be perfectly honest, it’s been so long since I made it the first time, that I couldn’t even tell you if that’s really accurate.

Seasoning chicken for Chicken Picatta @

The most exotic ingredient for this is capers.  And once you invest in some capers, they’ll last a while, so I really find this a wonderful recipe for company!  It’s not overly excessive in ingredients or instructions, but still yields a consistently tasty result.  Plus with a vegetable and a starch, you’ll have a full and robust meal to put on the plate!

Pan searing chicken for Chicken Picatta @

As I was cooking this, I started thinking about capers actually, and what they are.  Apparently, according to my research, they’re actually the buds of a flowering plant, picked before they bloom.  Similar to olives, they’re not really consumed on their own, but rather marinated and pickled to really bring out the flavors.  There are small, medium, and large sized capers, and while many people tout the small sizes, some also say that the large ones are more flavorful, so it may just come down to preference after all.

Making the sauce for Chicken Picatta @

Hope you learned something–I did!  So now you can feel accomplished as you sit down to enjoy your chicken picatta!

Chicken Piccata @

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