cheesy chicken n’ dumplin’s;

Comfort food at it’s max!  An easy crockpot meal, with tender, fall apart chicken topped with ooey-gooey dumplins straight from a can of biscuits!

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This is by far the cream of the crop when it comes to feeding a large crowd a yummy dinner.  As a crock pot recipe, it makes preparation easy, and it comes out delicious every damn time.  Plus it’s not so complicated that you need a crazy grocery store run if you plan ahead.

Adding chicken to the slow cooker for Cheesy Chicken n' Dumplins @

In fact, what I do typically is stock up on chicken sales and keep some in my freezer, ready to defrost.  Pair that with a few seasoning mixes to keep on hand since they never go bad, and a can of biscuit rolls in the fridge that I also stock up on, and you’re pretty much good to go for the recipe!

Chopping biscuits for Cheesy Chicken n' Dumplins @

Please note that the biscuit “dumplins” are pretty mushy for this recipe.  If you want them a little firmer, I suggest chopping them up as above, but then saute them in a pan to crisp up the outsides a little, and let them simmer for longer.  That will help improve the integrity of the dumplins.

Adding biscuits to slow cooker for Cheesy Chicken n' Dumplins @

I typically use a garlic herb and wine mix (affiliate link), but last time I had grabbed a different spice packet, the smoky applewood (affiliate link), and it came out just as deliciously.  I really think you could use any spice packet, or combine your own, but those are two to get you started!  If you find you love a different spice blend, let me know in the comments below!  In case you didn’t love this recipe enough, switching up the spices makes it even more versatile!

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