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Merry Christmas (and Happy Holidays) to all!  And to all a chocolatey night!  Those are the best kinds of nights aren’t they?  Here’s the wrap-up for this year to keep track of this year’s round of yummies!

2017 Features:

  • [New!] maple bacon milk chocolate truffles
    • Free dipped truffles with a creamy maple bacon center and sprinkled with bacon and salt
    • The centers would be for molds, but I kinda like the salty bacony topping on the free-dipped truffles
  • [New!] cinna-bun white chocolate truffles
    • A slightly crunchy cinnamon cookie and cream cheese center makes for a wonderful bite of a cinnamon roll with cream cheese icing!  Doused in a neat little package of white chocolate
    • This recipe can be applied to pretty much any flavor of oreo, and there are a multitude!  Cookies and creme for regular oreos, or mint, or even birthday cake or peanut butter!
  • orange truffles;
    • I had some struggles with this recipe this year.  I tried to double the recipe and when that didn’t work out, I ended up needed to start over from scratch, so let you learn from my mistakes–don’t try to double the recipe~!
    • Since the centers are much more pliable than many others, they definitely lend themselves to molds for next year!
  • raspberry chambord truffles;
    • While still delicious, they came out a little softer than usual this year.  So they melt in your mouth, but if left out at room temperature for a couple hours, then tend to wilt a little
    • Can’t beat that flavor though~
  • caramel truffles;
    • The ones that started it all.  This year I had trouble cleaning my molds to prevent blooming and white spots.  The key: wash your molds with a mixture 2pt white vinegar + 1pt dish soap, using a toothbrush to lightly scrub, and then dry immediately

In the Vault:


Ideas for Next Year:

  • banana split
  • baileys/kahlua/egg nog
  • peanut butter
  • peppermint patties
  • red wine
  • cookies & creme
  • champagne
  • key lime
  • pumpkin
  • gingerbread
  • strawberry cheesecake
  • s’mores
  • apple pie
  • amaretto
  • mocha


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