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Have you ever had candied orange peels?  They’re chewy and oh so orange-y, and perfect little strips to snack on when you want to be bad. I feel that they’re an indulgence best nibbled on.  I’m never going to shove a handful of candied orange peels in my mouth the way I do chocolate!  But chocolate is the reason I’m sharing this recipe with you.  I’m making a variety of truffles this year, and one of the flavors is orange!  So I thought this would be perfect as a garnish, and also a festive snack for the holiday time.

Sliced peel for Candied Orange Peel @

You can make this recipe with pretty much any amount of orange peel from 1/2 an orange skin upwards.  Of course you’ll need to adjust the sugar, but since it’s a 1:2 water to sugar ratio, it’s not even that hard.  As long as you add enough water and sugar and don’t let the mixture burn, you really can’t mess it up!  You could probably even do less than that, but it becomes harder to keep them evenly coated and prevent the liquid from burning.

Action shot of boiling the peel for Candied Orange Peel @

Action shot of boiling the peel

You can also use the same recipe to do any kind of citrus peel–grapefruit is another common one!  I personally don’t understand the appeal of eating an extremely bitter fruit, so I don’t typically have peels lying about.  But even thick lemon or lime peels will work as well!  And you don’t have to make the different peels separately, just mix them all together right at the beginning.  And how pretty would all those colors be together?

Candied Orange Peel @

After sugaring, keep them as strips, or cut into tiny pieces!  They’re yummy both ways!

Candied Orange Peel @


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