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Happy Halloween!  I do know it’s Halloween, and I’m probably committing some heinous food blogger crime by not posting a “monster”  or “pumpkin” recipe on the 31st!  But these cookies are still in the fall festive spirit, since these use spice cake mix!  Of course, I still have 2 more mini cheesecake recipes to share with you all.  But I need to break up the overload of cheesecakes with another dessert (obviously).  At some point I’ll get around to making pumpkin seeds, but no promises on when that’ll be!

Besides, how can you not love four-ingredient cookies? Especially when they’re packed with flavor that you don’t have to stress over? Yup, that’s right, all the deliciousness and variety of cake mix flavors, without the worry about all those nuisance spices and flour and sugar; just dump, mix and go!

Powdering Cake Puff Cookies with sugar @

These cookies are really lighter than air. Even after baking they’re melt-in-your-mouth soft. Not even chewy, because that implies resistance. There’s no resistance here, they’re basically what I think clouds would taste like if they had cake flavors. You might think I’m exaggerating, but that’s really how I feel!

Fresh from the Oven Cake Puff Cookies @

I made these with spice cake mix, as that was how I had them the first time when Andy brought them to our Bloomsburg fair adventures (read about them here!). I absolutely can’t wait to try this recipe with other cake mixes, but I think these spice cake cookies will be one my favorites. Honestly–and I LOVE gingerbread cookies–these might replace gingerbread cookies for me at the holidays. At least until I have kids and can pass down all those memories I have of making funny patterns and fighting with my sister over the good icing and the best sprinkles. I think this is more of a there’s-only-two-of-us-but-it-doesn’t-feel-like-Christmas-with-only-one-type-of-cookie recipe! Especially if you’re making gingerbread and sugar cookies or spritz, all of those take some decent work, plus decorating time one top of it. So I might swap out my traditional gingerbread for these cookies!

Fresh from the Oven Cake Puff Cookies @

Next on my to-do list for this recipe are: pink lemonade cake mix and key lime pie cake mix! Unfortunately, I think those are more seasonally summer flavors, since I haven’t seen them in a while and I looked pretty hard in two different stores for the key lime pie cake mix (for another recipe that will wait to be posted because obviously I couldn’t make it without the mix). So I’ll need to stock up come summer again! If you try these out, let me know what flavors you try and what your favorites are! Comment below~

Cake Puff Cookies @


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