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So I was supposed to have volleyball tonight.  But lucky for you all, instead you get another recipe because it’s snowing and surprisingly dangerous for the less than 2″ of snow on the ground.  But it’s that wet, slippery kind.  I turned around before even going a mile to one of the major roads, and I passed at least 6 cars pulled over on the side of the road, and two in an accident right outside the complex.  Jeez.  And I don’t have an all-wheel drive vehicle, I have a sedan, but I also grew up in the Northeast and feel like I’m pretty competent as far as snow goes.  So I ended up turning around and coming home, and voila, here’s a Milk Bar recipe for you!

Ingredients for Cake Mix Coffee Cake @

One of my friends gave me this Milk Bar Life recipe book, and it’s been really interesting to browse through.  I only recently actually put it together that it’s recipes from the all famous Momofuku Milk Bar!  ‘Cause I’m brilliant.  But I wanted to try this coffee cake recipe because it looked so easy, and yummy!  And boy was I right.  It’s great and creamy and got just a touch of cinnamon which is how I like my coffee cakes (so sue me, I’m not a huge cinnamon fan).

Mixing Cake Mix Coffee Cake @

The original recipe called for sour cream, but since I’m lazy, and usually have greek yogurt around for cooking/baking/breakfast, I ended up substituting it out for 2% greek yogurt and it still turned out moist and delicious!  Judging from the texture of the image in the cookbook, my substitution yielded a slightly gooier center that was a little more of a cream-like texture.  Think a firmed up pudding, or like a super dense custard.  I’m not sure if you all get what I mean, but really, it’s delicious, and if I could, I would post the beautiful picture of T stuffing some in his face (but he won’t let me because I took an especially non-flattering photo like 3″ from his face.  =P).

Cake Mix Coffee Cake @

Try this out and let me know what you think!  I also ended up using some leftover jam, specifically Bonne Maman’s Four Fruits Preserves, though I’d love to change it up and try some other flavors or some fresh/frozen fruit to mix into the batter.



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