butter sprinkle cookies;

These are such happy little cookies!  The original recipe by Sally over at Sally’s Baking Addiction calls them “Cake Batter Sugar Cookies”, but since there’s no cake batter in the recipe, I opted for a different name.  They’re far more buttery in my opinion, and deliciously so!  The secret ingredient is butter extract to give them an extra punch of buttery flavor!  (Also known as imitation butter, if you’re looking for it on the shelves.  You’ll find it with the vanilla and other extracts.)

Mixing sprinkles into Butter Sprinkle Cookies @ tipsychocochip.com

Please note that these cookies are small cookies.  Typically closer to 2″ if even that.  Not the 3″ diameter I would expect from a homemade chocolate chip cookie, but significantly smaller.  But these would be great for little hands, and also as a cute quick snack since they’re so festive with sprinkles!  You can adapt to your own taste of course, but I mix sprinkles into the batter, and then dip into multi-colored nonpareil sprinkles for an extra pop of festivity!

Scooping out dough for Butter Sprinkle Cookies @ tipsychocochip.com

I also suggest flattening them slightly to get the best rounded and consistent shape.  Just slightly as in the photo above!  Make sure not to over-bake, so check at 8 minutes, and adjust timing as necessary.  They might appear like they need more time, but you want them to be soft and chewy, so you want to remove them from the oven before the edges start browning.  If the edges do start browning, just remove them from the oven, and transfer off the baking sheet, preferably to a cool surface if possible to stop the baking.  And they’re still yummy, just will be a bit crisp around the edges!

Wrapping up packages of Butter Sprinkle Cookies @ tipsychocochip.com

I love packaging these up as gifts.  I simply get non-ziplock sandwich bags, cut up the sides to remove the flap, and then tie with some festive ribbon!  They’re cute and easy, and the batch will make about 10 packets of 3 (assuming you’ll need a few to snack on along the way).  Try these out and let me know what you think!  This recipe is one of the first baking experiments I ever did as a newly-graduated adult!

Butter Sprinkle Cookies @ tipsychocochip.com

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