butter sage sweet potato gnocchi;

These little pillow puffs are deeelicious!  But they do take a long time!  For those of you who have ever tried to make gnocchi before, I’ll bet you already know this.  But somehow I always manage to forget, especially because the ingredient list is so minimal, I think they’re a breeze to make!  But when you boil them in multiple batches, and run out of space on your cutting board to continue rolling and cutting them up, it gets a little tedious and you remember just how long they take to make.

Mixing dough for Butter Sage Sweet Potato Gnocchi @ tipsychocochip.com

So these bad boys will take you close to an hour from start to finish.  But onwards and upwards!  On the bright side, if you’ve got the time on a weekend, you can invest some time upfront and have everything all set to go for later in the week for a quicker meal!

Cutting gnocchi for Butter Sage Sweet Potato Gnocchi @ tipsychocochip.com

I actually really loved these paired with some roasted garlic chicken sausage.  I think the gnocchi could have done with a little more salt in the butter sauce, but instead, paired with the salty sausage, a bite of sausage and gnocchi was really really on point.  Plus, added bonus, if you’re gonna spend all this time on the side dish, at least the main protein is a snap to heat up!

Sauteeing gnocchi for Butter Sage Sweet Potato Gnocchi @ tipsychocochip.com

My favorite part about these, despite all the effort that goes into the gnocchi themselves, is those bits of crispy sage.  I’ve had a sage butter sauce before where the whole leaves are crispy and you get that nice crackle of buttery goodness, and while it’s always amazing, I find that the small little ribbons are (1) easier to fry up and get to that consistency, and (2) make me feel less bad about the mouthful of butter I just ate in one bite.  Do note that the crispness kinda flops away upon reheating these, but all the flavors are still there!

Butter Sage Sweet Potato Gnocchi @ tipsychocochip.com

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