buckeye pretzel bites;

These little bites sure pack a whallop of flavor, especially if you love that salty sweet thing!  Basically it’s sugared peanut butter sandwiched between pretzels and dipped into chocolate.  It’s really quite that simple!  This would be a great recipe to get kids involved in, provided you don’t mind some finger-licking.  But me, I have T!  He and I sat in front of the TV watching Friends and making these little pretzel sandwiches.  We might’ve eaten a little bit of the filling too…so maybe that “finger-licking” isn’t confined to children.  Heh.


So for me personally, I like to use the “snaps” that are basically what I call windows.  Little crosshatched square pretzels, that I find easy to stuff with peanut buttery goodness and make look cute.  The original recipe by Christina over at Sweet Pea’s Kitchen uses just regular mini pretzels, so really, you can do this with any shape pretzel you feel like filling.


You can easily leave off the chocolate if you don’t prefer it, though I don’t know why you would.  (The name of this blog is tipsychocochip after all…).  But it would be a simple omission if you’re a heathen and prefer that instead.


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