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So the other day was decreed “Tyler Day”!  Or “& guest day”, as you can see above. He’s been really great recently helping out extra with the pup and supporting me when I have to work late or run around and I wanted to appreciate him in a full and lazy day!  It was a pretty cold and rainy day, and so we decided to take the crazy pup to the dog park early and get it out of the way. There weren’t many people there, but he was suuuuuuuper into fetch and tuckered himself out perfectly!  Then it was off to brunch for us–a surprise for Tyler!  He sees this place on his runs on the WO&D trail, and I’d heard about it from some various volleyball buddies.

Roasted Brussel Sprouts at Caboose Brewing Co. Brunch Review @

Roasted brussel sprouts sprinkled with parmesan cheese.

Reservations are made exclusively online which is kind of annoying, but was easy enough once I realized that. Tyler and I each got a flight, since this was our first time. We really enjoyed all of the beers!  I was silly and panic ordered a grapefruit IPA as one of them, but Tyler was a gent and offered to swap the brown ale for it. Considering I don’t like IPAs or grapefruit…well, good job Katie. We both really liked the Crossroads Vienna Lager, but the Vanilla Bean stout was good too!  On the beer front: definitely want to go back and try more!  I was bummed I forgot to tell Tyler to bring his growler, but we’re just using it as an excuse to go back.

Mac and Cheese and Maple Sausage at Caboose Brewing Co. Brunch Review @

Delicious mac & cheese, maple sausages, and an empty biscuit and gravy!

Onto the food: they do small plates in a farm to table style. So we had everything from a croque madame sandwich, to biscuit and gravy, to Brussels sprouts, to mac & cheese. Everything was good, but I’ll give you the highlights: the gravy from the biscuit and gravy was intensely salty, but paired perfectly with the maple sausage. The mac & cheese was DELICIOUS. I really liked the Brussels sprouts, with enough flavor and a hearty portion. The croque madame was also delicious, but I think we both wanted it to be a bit more hefty than it was. Overall: food was delicious!  Price tag was not.  The sides ranged from $5-15 for small portions, and we racked up a decent bill considering there were two of us and we were hungry.

Croque Madame at Caboose Brewing Co. Brunch Review @

Croque madame, a grilled ham and cheese sandwich topped with an over easy egg

For Caboose as a whole, 3.5 out of 5 stars. It was quite tasty and had some delicious food and beers, I just wish that the food wasn’t quite so expensive. We’ll be back, for sure, but more so for the beer than the food. I think this would be a great happy hour, or light lunch place if you only wanted one or two things to share though!  It does satisfy my picky requirements for refreshment and good food though!

Caboose Brewing Co. Brunch Review @

Caboose Brewing Company
Caboose Brewing Website

520 Mill St. NE
Vienna, VA 22180

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