broccoli cheddar quinoa;

Tri-colored quinoa mixed with chopped broccoli in a cheesy cheddar casserole, perfect as a weeknight side dish!

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Broccoli cheddar quinoa is one of my go-to side dishes!  I typically have all ingredients on hand on a given day, so when I have nothing else planned as a side dish, it’s perfect and easy to whip up!  Broccoli is a pretty good staple in my home, since it’s one off my favorite vegetables–don’t get me wrong, I’ll still take twix cookies (recipe) over vegetables any day.  But when coupled with the quinoa, it’s actually a pretty decently healthy side-dish!  Plus, cheese makes everything better.

Tri-colored quinoa for Broccoli Cheddar Quinoa @

You could also make this with cauliflower if desired, though I like the green with the tri-colored quinoa, whereas the white might get a little more lost.  I’ve also seen at the store now purple and orange cauliflower!  So again, if you’ve got picky eaters but can possibly win them over with colorful or interesting foods, maybe that’s a possibility!

Adding cheddar cheese to Broccoli Cheddar Quinoa @

The only unhealthy part of this recipe is the cheese really, so if you’re in a heathful mind, then feel free to scale back the cheese.  My tip for this recipe if you are going to cut back the cheese–go for that good, savory sharp stuff!  That way you’ll still get a full-packed flavor, but with fewer calories so that you can enjoy this tasty side dish!  You could eat it as a main meal, but I always need something else too, even if it’s just a small soup or side salad.  Enjoy!

Broccoli Cheddar Quinoa @

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