broccoli cauliflower risotto;

A healthy risotto chock full of broccoli and cauliflower with all of the flavor and none of the guilt!  Throw in some cheddar cheese for a broccoli and cheddar taste, or a truffle cheese to add some fancy to your dish!

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I have been super excited to try out this dish!  I love risotto, but I don’t love the guilt of all the butter and cheese, even if it’s delicious!  One of the keys of getting that full punch of flavor is to use a nice cheese.  A nicely aged cheddar means that you can use far less than you would of another one and still get that powerful punch of flavor.

Ricing broccoli for Broccoli Cauliflower Risotto @

While this recipe takes a while to make, as pretty much all risottos do, it’s really delicious!  And the largest difference is really the vegetables.  When I rice my own vegetables, I like to make more than the recipe calls for and freeze the extra.  You can do it the night before to cut down on the prep time night-of, or you can make it while the rice simmers.

Adding broccoli to Broccoli Cauliflower Risotto @

Of course we’ve filed this one under vegetarian, since it’s easy to use vegetable broth, although my personal preference is for the flavor of chicken broth if you’re okay with the swap.  To add to this vegetarian healthy meal, spring for roasted veggies!  In this case, I went with edamame, though you can do broccoli or sweet potatoes or carrots.  It’s perfect to just set and forget while you’re stirring!

Adding cheese to Broccoli Cauliflower Risotto @

My personal recommendation for cooking wine–whatever you like to drink!  And pour yourself a glass and get your roommate, friend, or partner to come chat with you while you’re making this!  Or you can always pull up Friends or your latest binge on TV.  It’s only natural to have a glass of wine, and it’s much more fun to stir while you’re chatting or watching!


138 - BroccoliCauliflowerRisotto
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