brie en croute;

Brie en croute sounds fancy, but is a snap to make!  And who doesn’t love a melty medley of jam and cheese wrapped in pastry dough?

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I think this was one of the first recipes I ever made. For something that’s got a fancy French name, and is soooo delicious, it really is crazy how easy it is to make!  This is a perfect appetizer when you’re looking to impress without the hard work.

Blackberry Thyme Jam over brie for Brie en Croute @

One of the main keys is getting a good jam, and it allows for easy variation on the recipe too! You’ll only see the blackberry thyme jam below, but I actually made two of these, and the second was with a peach vanilla jam.  They were both plenty delicious for sure, but I think surprisingly I actually liked the peach vanilla one a smidge more!

Folding up brie for Brie en Croute @

Really, once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty  easy to come up with your own custom creations, or tweak the recipe to your preference. Variations I’ve made include swapping honey for jelly, adding fresh fruit, adding in roasted or raw nuts, and adding spinach!  Let me know if you have a favorite below in the comments!

Brie En Croute @

002 - Brie En Croute
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