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This past weekend was packed full of fun!  We finally made our way to the Baltimore Aquarium which has been on the bucket list for almost 3 years now.  We originally had plans to grab dinner with friends, but they had something come up last minute, so we instead we called up our friends Karen and Tyler and did something else we’ve been chatting about forever–go to Heavy Seas Brewery for a tour!

Bottling from one vat at Heavy Seas Brewery @

Mostly they walk you around, tell you about the hopps, the vats, the way they grind the grains, allow it to ferment, carbonate it and bottle it.  You should go and get the details if you want ’em.  I don’t want to ruin the tour!  But the star of this tour is the beer, as it should be.  There’s a separate bar area of course, but they had taps set up in the actual brewing area where they were giving the tour.  So you could wander back as you wanted to get some “tastings”.  They give you four tickets for tastings, although on our tour they were pretty chill and didn’t really care about tickets.  And when I say “tastings”, I mean 1/3-1/2 of a beer, not like your flight tastings.  For $5, make your reservation on their website, and definitely worth the price with the beers and souvenir glass!

Pretzels with Beer Cheese from the Heavy Seas Brewery food truck @

We hung out after our tour on the deck area and grabbed another beer or two, and also grabbed some yummy food!  They don’t have a kitchen but have a heavy seas food truck pulled right up to the deck with some all-around american food.  Pretzels with beer cheese dip above, and a tasty sausage sandwich below!

Sausage sandwich from the Heavy Seas Brewery food truck @

Finish up your day with some cheese fries, and you’re golden!  The beer cheese dip was good, and a good portion for the pretzels!  I had cheese until the end.  The cheese fries were pretty good ratio-wise, though definitely had a few stragglers with no cheese.  The sausage sandwich was also tasty!  A little too much bread for the sausage, but good tasty flavor.

Overall, 4.5 out of 5 chips (read: stars).  I don’t give nearly full marks lightly, but for the price, it was an awesome day filled with beer and friends and foods!

Heavy Seas Brewery
Heavy Seas Website
4615 Hollins Ferry Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21227

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