date night: bonefish rainbow trout;

So T an I had a date night.  One of those impromptu date nights where we end up cuddled on the floor watching Castle an feeling really full.  The best kind of nights.  =)

And it all came from the fact that I had scoured all the ads and was planning to get a good deal on Cod, which I don’t think I’ve ever made in my own kitchen.  Mostly when I think cod, I think beer battered fish and chips.  Yum, smackin my lips as I type.  But they didn’t have any cod that I could see, and even the other fish listed on the same deal were like $2.00 more expensive, and I was just not having that.  But as I left, I saw the rainbow trout!  I figured that wouldn’t be too bad, and it was a tad cheaper than I was planning to pay for the cod anyway.

When I got home though, I remembered that I love bonefish grill’s pecan-crusted rainbow trout, and figured pinterest had to have a copycat recipe somewhere.  And voila!  Thanks to Chef Jen, you adapt and make these recipes fit for the home!  And this one turned out super tasty.  Not exactly the same; as I’ve found copycat recipes tend to be extremely tasty and similar, but not the same experience as actually dining at a restaurant.

Pecan Crusted Rainbow Trout

So I whipped it up, making a complete mess of the kitchen (as per usual), with the lovely T clean it up, because he’s always so wonderful and does all the dishes, and gets mad at me when I offer to help.  =3  It was quite tasty.  Need to make sure to not pour the sauce over the fish until just before serving or it will get soggy, and you still want the bite of the pecans.

Served up with cheesy biscuits, ricotta-sundried tomato gnocchi, and my favorite fall Mike’s Hard Lemonade–Blood Orange.  I might have gone a little crazy and bought like 3 six packs this week…heh.  But we had a wonderful night, and my belly is full.


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