blue apron: miso glazed chicken wings;

This was the third and final recipe from blue apron!  And definitely a keeper.  I want to make this for my mom–a little less on the spice for her though!  She loooooves chicken wings, and I’ve always been hesitant to try making them.  Somehow I always assume they’re hard to make, but this recipe was surprisingly easy!  I have one other recipe from a friend who made some really great wings for a party, and I loved them.  It was a great recipe, but it was a fried chicken wings recipe, so it involved a lot of spices and flour and oil.  And my own faux pas–using chicken wings that were the size of my hand.  But let’s put that aside so I can tell you about these wings!


The glaze is super-packed with flavor and simple!  It does require a few unique ingredients that I don’t usually have in my pantry, so I did a little taste test and found what I think are some good substitutes!  I did leave the original ingredients there if you’re adventurous and can navigate the Asian grocery store.  I prefer the substitutes simply because I don’t love buying ingredients for a single recipe when I have no idea how else to use them.  I might invest in the soy glaze if I can find it though, I really enjoyed the flavor of it.

Miso Glaze for Miso glazed chicken wings @

Definitely take note of the spice in this recipe and adjust accordingly.  If you want to dial the spice up even more, top with some sriracha!  I actually did enjoy the extra touch of kick on these, but T ate his straight up and really enjoyed them too.  The skin was crispy, and the extra 8 minutes in the oven after the glaze was applied really got that perfect amount of char on them.  Yummm.   The Blue Apron Recipe said 3 servings, but I definitely knocked it down to two because they were so tasty!

Wings fresh from the oven for Miso Glazed Chicken Wings @

Try them out and let me know what you think!  You’ll see the side dish that was made with the blue apron recipe, but you can write it off.  I didn’t include it here since it was pretty underwhelming.  Not much flavor and not a great ratio of rice to vegetables.  And pretty bland.  I added some powdered ginger and onion powder, and it got a little better, but definitely not make again.

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