bear paw cookies;

Adorable sugar cookies with a hint of coffee and chocolate chips arranged like a bear paw.

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Things have been busy lately, but I’m back this week with another recipe, and this one is super cute!  I love these super cute bear paw cookies, and of course they taste delicious to boot!

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The cookies themselves have a little extra umph in the form of–instant coffee!  I was a little skeptical at first, but I actually love the flavor profile on these.  It starts as a basic sugar cookie but with the added instant coffee, it gives it an extra depth of flavor.  It’s subtle enough that it doesn’t overpower the flavor, and my taste testers, aka coworkers loved them but didn’t recognize the coffee flavor.

Mixing batter for Bear Paw Cookies @

I think this would be a cute recipe to make with smaller children to let them press the chocolate into the freshly baked cookies.  I will say it took me a little extra flour to make the right texture cookies The first round I baked came out flatter and chewier and really couldn’t hold the structure of the chocolate you’d want for these cookies. But I adjusted on the fly by adding more flour and that seemed to solve the problem.   You’ll also want to go for smaller cookies to accentuate the chocolate adornments, so I used a teaspoon cookie scoop.

Adding chocolate chips to Bear Paw Cookies @

Let me know if you try these cookies out!  Let me know what you think.

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