bang bang shrimp;

Healthy bang bang shrimp that doesn’t sacrifice flavor!  With a chili paste – coconut milk sauce, it’s got a delicious twist on cool and heat smothered over light, tasty shrimp!

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This recipe is a great one to keep up your sleeve!  Sure you need a few specialty ingredients, namely fresh/thawed deveined shrimp, chili paste, and coconut milk, but once you have those things, it’s a snap to make!

Peeling shrimp for Bang Bang Shrimp @

It’s even a paleo dish, if anyone cares, because I don’t really.  I won’t go off on the anthropologist’s rant (*coughTylercough*) about how the “paleo” fad diet has nothing to do with what paleolithics would eat, but it does make sense in the scheme of dieting.  Cut out processed foods and go back toward the natural.  Still, paleo aside, I really like this recipe because it’s still chock full of flavor.

Sauteeing up shrimp for Bang Bang Shrimp @

If you’re looking for some substitutes for this recipe, fear not!  I’ve got you covered.  For arrowroot, any fine flour will do, though of course you’ll have to check paleo rules if you care about that.  And alternative that I’ve used is tapioca starch, but I imagine cornmeal or even possibly regular flour would be fine.  For tahini paste you can use almond butter or any kind of spread really, I would just go for something mild.  Peanut butter bang bang sauce just really wouldn’t be the same.

Mixing together Bang Bang sauce for Bang Bang Shrimp @

For the chili paste, I found tubes of chili paste in the herb section at the grocery store, but if you stock your pantry with ethnic foods, I bet salem oelek would be a good substitute, or if you’re in a pinch sriracha too.  If you’re substituting, you may want to play with the amounts to get the right consistency, but a lot of the consistency comes from combining the coconut milk and the vinegar to make a more buttermilk-like consistency.  If you’re looking to use up leftover coconut milk, I’ll be sharing coconut milk banana bread recipe later this week!

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