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Yup, I said it.  Apple. Pie. Moonshine.  I’m putting this warning up-front and center: BE CAREFUL.  THIS STUFF DOES NOT TASTE LIKE ALCOHOL.  In the best way possible.  It’s made with spyritus vodka, which is about the most alcoholic thing you can buy.  Like period.  It’s so alcoholic in fact, that you can’t buy it in VA, MD, or DC, but we had to travel up to NJ/NY area to find it.

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This recipe actually came from my sister’s friend Jesse, whose parents host of all of us crazy folk when we go to the PA bloomsburg fair (event review) every year!  Which was perfect, because we could pick up some cheap cinnamon sticks for the recipe.  Jesse had a few jars to pass around, and it was sooooo good that Tyler just had to make it at home!  So…..we did!  Lucky you.

Boiling up ingredients for Apple Pie Moonshine @

I will say the worst part about this moonshine is that it’s sticky as all heck.  I mean, you do get that when you dump a bajillion pounds of sugar into liquid and boil it up.  So make sure you wash things, especially if you’re planning to keep this in mason jars or pass it around in a flask.  It’s delicious, but sticky if you spill.  It is pretty much the perfect thing to keep in a flask though, because with the alcohol content, you won’t need much, AND it goes down easy!

Pouring Apple Pie Moonshine into jars @

Try this recipe out and let me know what you think!  I’ve always wanted to make someone try this without telling them what’s in it, but I don’t really want to do that with something quite this alcoholic!  I would totally do it with strawberry shortcake vodka slush though!

Apple Pie Moonshine @

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