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What is soup without a sandwich?  Or a sandwich without soup?  Inconthevable!  (Anyone?  Princess Bride, yo.)  So of course I had to give you a bonus weekend post for all that yummy broccoli cheddar soup you’re planning to make, right?  We’ve had some apples lying about, and somehow pairing them with ham sounded good.  I’m not sure why, but I can attest that it was mighty delicious.  And super easy to make.

Stacking gruyere and apples for Apple Ham Sandwiches @

I decided to top mine with tomatoes, which I really enjoyed as well, but I leave them off for Tyler since he pretty much hates them in their entirety.  That’s one of the best things about sandwiches, that they’re adaptable.  And for any picky eaters, it’s easy to leave off ingredients and still enjoy a delicious sandwich.

Adding ham to Apple Ham Sandwiches @

If you’re not planning to serve these with soup, then perhaps you might consider some sort of spread, a mayo, or mustard, or garlic aioli sounds like heaven.  But these sandwiches are made for dippin!  And I was pleasantly surprised how deliciously it paired with broccoli cheddar soup specifically.  Try them with some rosemary ham (I found mine at Trader Joe’s) for an extra speci oomph!

Apple Ham Sandwich @ tipsychocochip.com029-applehamsandwich

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